Equality for All - Women's Tank Top

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About the "Equality for All" women's tank top

  • Made from a 50% cotton / 50% polyester blend

  • Available in five different sizes.

  • All tank tops are machine washable.

About the Artwork
ORIGINAL: "Equality for All" 10x20" Original Resined Digital Artwork on Canvas by Julie Davis Veach

The overall message in the work conveys equality as being accessible and inclusive. The artwork projects positive feelings of unity, community, and collaboration.

The painting is rich with symbolic meaning to support these themes and vibrant in color to support the high-vibe energy required to attain the "equality for all" goal!

The Seed of the Soul
At the bottom of the painting there is a white (white light is comprised of all colors in the spectrum - for inclusion) circle (also known as the monad, represents the whole/one/unity) representing the seed of the soul.

Think about how amazing a seed is and all the potential that is held within a tiny little seed. A seed has the potential to grow, bloom and transform into something beautiful – if nurtured and cared for. Also, like other seeds, each soul seed is unique and requires different kinds and amounts of care to grow and flourish. Therefore, there is an individual seed for each color spectrum that comprises the whole spectrum (white light) on its own path. Some paths are shorter/longer than others acting as metaphors for the differences in circumstances that each soul encounters when born into this life. Despite the differences in life circumstances, each soul seed has the inalienable right to transcend their circumstances. This is depicted by the ascension of the seeds upward toward the Monarch butterfly.

The Monarch Butterfly
I chose the Monarch butterfly as the main focal point of my painting, not only because I am literally seeing them daily in my garden as work on this painting, but also because of their rich symbolism. The Monarch symbolizes hope, rebirth, infinite potential, joy, creativity, and new life for ALL of US! They signify the coming of change, which couldn’t be more fitting in our current situation – a reminder to BE the change – Social change – more equality, freedom, compassion, and unity! Their life journey and expression is so symbolic of our own (and our nation’s) great awakening journey, and spiritual path.

The Rainbow
The Complete full spectrum of colors (visible to humans) represents hope as rainbows are usually seen after a storm (aka COVID pandemic). The rainbow serves as a reminder to have faith, trust the process –equality as being accessible and inclusive IS possible!


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